What do schools need to do to prepare students for the 21st Century?

Schools play a great role in equipping students with skills, expertise, knowledge, character and abilities to enable them live in the 21st century.  These skills include reading, oral, writing, calculating, working as a team and thinking critically (Uchida, et al., 1996). Most learning institutions are striving to make the students realize success in their lives […]

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Should children be taught sex education in schools?

A normal girl child hits puberty at 8 – 12 years and boys at 9 – 14. Children at the age of puberty experience certain changes at emotional and anatomical level. They often go through mood swings and aggression, which are the common symptoms of puberty. Children often fail to understand the changes in their […]

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Environmental Damage: Responsibility of Rich Countries to Pay More

Recent environment summits conclude that there is an urgent need to address environmental dereliction and climate change. One of the avenues proposed for compensating for environmental damage derives from the controversial argument that rich countries should pay more because they are most responsible for the dereliction (Mathiesen, 2013). A discussion of the externality costs’ explanation […]

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The Appropriate Retirement Age

Introduction Age discrimination has been an issue in most employment centers with younger employees suggesting that the aged should retired. It has suggested the enigma, what is the appropriate retirement age? There are some employees who will retire at 65 years old while others refer to retire as early as 50 years. It has led […]

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Tourism and its Demerits

Tourism if managed and organized properly can become beneficial to a society. Most people peg tourism to positive results, without noticing that everything that has merits must have demerits. In some countries, tourism is carried out in a way that is not well organized and unsustainable. This often leads to problems to the locals, as […]

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Argument For and Against Zoos

Zoos are physical surroundings within which animals are placed under safe care. They are ideal attraction zones within which people can observe and learn about animals. Despite being ideal attraction sites, there are stakeholders such as the animal rights personnel who feel that zoos confine animals into environments that are not fit for animals’ survival. […]

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What are factors which are related to academic success in high school students?

Academic success in high schools requires time management, motivation, prioritization, and concentration. High school students are teenagers who can easily be influenced by peer pressure in involving themselves in meaningless activities that can lead to poor performance in school. Some students perform poorly due to poor attitude towards a teacher, or subject, while some students […]

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To What Extent Should Universities Function as Training Grounds for Employment?

Nowadays, an increasingly higher number of university graduates are finding it hard to get a job mainly because they are so many graduates competing for a vacant position, but also because employers claim that university graduates lack the necessary skills to fill in the available vacancies (Mavromaras et al., 2010). Accordingly, educationists are questioning whether […]

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Why Some Students Study Abroad

For a majority of students who decide to study abroad, quality of education usually plays a role as a significant determinant. Quality of education varies from country to country. This prompts some to leave their countries where they deem quality levels to be low and proceed to other countries where they can undergo effective learning […]

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Sports in Secondary Schools

While I concur with the fact that sports play a vital role in the life of an individual, it cannot be denied that it brings about setbacks all the same. In this essay, I shall commence with highlighting the reasons why sports should rather be reinforced in the secondary schools. Some learners are not academically […]

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What is MBA?

MBA thesis is the last step in the learning process for the preparation of specialists. To read completely what is an MBA graduate job. Ensure knowledge and skills to implement the thesis IBA, which is the last step in the formation of the listener. MBA thesis characterizes the readiness of the expert, his willingness to […]

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Literature study and the selection of facts

The research literature on the theme chosen to begin the general work to have an idea of the most important, which with the chosen theme, then look for the new material things. The study of the scientific literature – a serious work. Therefore, an article or book to read with a pencil in hand, to […]

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Enhancing Your College Paper Writing

Many university students do not choose writing as a vocation. The truth is, many university students hate writing composition and papers assignments. To them, it is an awful task, perhaps. However, compose for many classes you choose, as well as you should. Therefore, reconcile yourself in and take the truth that authorship is going to […]

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How to learn English single-handed? Language tips for all novices

In today’s world, it is the desire of many people to learn English naturally. In addition, “he noted, that the language of global communication. His knowledge will allow you to pay an English-speaking country meaningful work, to expand the boundaries of moral satisfaction, communication and language skills and abilities of trust. In most cases, people […]

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Distinctions Between Argumentative and Expository Essays

In the initial section of our post, we were familiarized with two typical forms of their meanings as well as documents; this section will largely concentrate on distinctions between these composition kinds and a few helpful tips on the best way to compose documents that were excellent. The best way to vary? A disagreement does […]

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Rules and features of writing a law term paper

Law is the first scientific study on a larger scale for students. In the study of the subject, the student should formulate a theoretical and practical work, studying literature and sources related research. Courses can show the practical application ability of information obtained during the study of the theory. Hand made with scientific curator profile department. […]

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10 Tips every Beginner must know to get back to School Season

There are likely tons of stuff you have been done to get ready as you prepare yourself to start your initial year of school. You have probably looked for dorm-room furnishings, for analyzing bought a brand new notebook and amusement, obtained a tour of the schoolroom, presented and much more and yourself. Ideally, you are […]

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How to Write an Academic Review

Listed here are some tips that can be helpful when composing a book review. Before composing anything, write down a few notes regarding the things you want to discuss. While you are writing, think about your readers as friends to whom you are telling a story. Mention the book title and author’s name within the […]

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