October 20, 2016

The Appropriate Retirement Age


Age discrimination has been an issue in most employment centers with younger employees suggesting that the aged should retired. It has suggested the enigma, what is the appropriate retirement age? There are some employees who will retire at 65 years old while others refer to retire as early as 50 years. It has led to the debate whether the retirement a should be less or more.


The younger employees may fear for the security of the employment due to the increasing number of people with over 50 years (Kaplan, 2003). However, the younger individuals may not have the required qualifications for the job they may be claiming the aged are being given instead of them. In fact, the older people are needed in most employment as they can train and mentor the younger to produce the best out of them. Miracle Griff (2014) argues that the old feel happy when they work and subsequently proud of their job. As a result, the will perform relatively better and are considered honest.

Despite the younger employees having little experience, they have new ideas that can be beneficial to the employers. Young people are efficient due to their strength, and therefore they would respond faster to tasks compared to the old. Experience is essential when it comes to cultivating the new ideas of the strong young employees. They may use their strength and energy doing what is exact. (Wang, 2013).


I think that both the old and younger people should be on paid employment for mutual help. The aged give the organization their experience as the past trends can be in predicting the future. Flexible retirement age is the most suitable and the old people should not suffer discrimination concerning their retirement age.

Here some statistics about retirement age

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