February 3, 2017

Characteristics of thesis

A type of research is to hear. In addition, last work in conjunction with scientific research, with the help of a supervisor. The content of the work is to reflect on the progress of research and the results of research on a chosen topic.

It should include the latest solutions that can be applied in practice, and may be of interest to researchers. Scientific research must be sent to the level of say as to justify the provisions of the thesis, its conclusions and recommendations, as well as the importance and novelty. Presentation of data, which began in full possession of knowledge and practical research skills. Thesis in public, in the presence of members of the evaluation team.


Performance characteristics Masters:

  • The first level of scientific activity, which can lead to admission and to write a thesis.
  • This is not a degree, and reflects the level of graduates.
  • Development and applications in memory, indicating the presence of a certain expertise author of the selected field is included.
  • Or memory not try to solve problems, and how the author can find the right information and undertake to resolve the sampling and analysis of data, methods and techniques to the problem itself.
  • The thesis for his master is not obliged to publish in scientific journals.
  • Master’s thesis is usually devoted to a narrow range of issues, so the process of benchmarking implementation, consider questions on a specific topic related to take, not the whole problem. According to the analysis, the author is no reason to formulate the basic principles have been drawn from the test material because it is not related to their work. Required is a critical evaluation of publications on research in the relationship.

In preparing the thesis of his teacher, the author should focus on attaining independence, the ability to solve professional problems, gather information needed to provide information on the scientific language, to defend its position, to demonstrate their knowledge.

Writing, the work involves many problems to solve:

  • Systematization of theoretical and practical specialization.
  • Generalization of theoretical positions and searching for new ways to solve problems in the study area.
  • The study, the results of the argument, the possibility of data obtained from practical experience.
  • Develop conclusions and recommendations from existing problem.

Based on the adaptation of tasks and areas of education, the research Thesis contain types: theoretical, empirical used.

An important part of the work is the use of the use of theoretical experience to solve practical problems and achieve new research results. The results can be used to write several works and can be used for practice, however, the effective implementation of change must be calculated implemented and tested.

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