May 2, 2017

Examining and evaluating of a graduation thesis

It is said that the study – the most memorable in the life of every individual: circle first love of friends, sleeping in class “entertainment” series, favorite teacher, “tail” – all in the past now – after five minutes to graduate. Yes, it is “a little more, little more,” because, as the last fight Sung “- was the hardest”, speaking about part of the paper, which will soon have to face…


Thesis – personal contribution to the economic, historical, educational, philology, legal or other fields (depending on the direction)… Treat implemented very seriously.

In rare circumstances – this is when the student entered the same level under the guidance of his mentor, follow the advice, practical products and fresh baked diplomas without any problem. However, such an example in our time dynamic – this is the exception rather than the rule.

In any event, in which category I belong to students, no matter how exotic the process of obtaining information will not be ready until the end of the text of work has changed, transformed data, graphs modeled as binding. “Everything Finally!” – Naive student thinks and sighs happily. This is just to pass the diploma exam. … Then, in a dream pink bursts of voice and lasting usually very unpleasant Uncle Dean. It turns out that the scientific work is necessary to consider and comment. What is this? What to eat? Where can you get? Head back…


In fact, it is not as tragic as it may seem at first glance. Comments – characteristics of the work, saying that his outstanding research. Usually, Scientific Director for examination and stitch work. Usually, the review is a positive story about colors and a lot of work student as difficult as a lot of effort, “blood and sweat” when he made the creation of this work, as in most colors lurid rainbow that work on the project.

Why worry when you can get an overview and how to write it or not – for teachers. Trust him. Usually teachers, which, in the interest of its student wing in the successful defense of their offices and began to write positively about the work.


Another story awaits you with an overview of the product. First, it must understand that the audit – an important paper, says an independent expert to be familiar with their work. Note that the assessor or appointed by the President and Dean says, or find themselves.

There are several options to appear in the browser their lives. The first (and preferred) way – that is, when one of his colleagues referees boss at work. Usually, in this case, a positive assessment of the situation.

Even worse is when the person who is calling. Many teachers do not come into joy again had to relearn “student work”. If the work is written in a decent (and most important, it was awarded the introduction, conclusion and bibliography and conscience that these parts of the first reviewer pointed out), then most likely, a diploma and deserve a positive response.

If it turns out that it recommended – but do you think the most difficult scenarios. Nevertheless, do not despair. Addressed to the head of the company, where you can walk in industrial practice. This is acceptable. As a rule, no student has to write reviews, but … Be prepared to write personally known function. “A good evaluator” only gave his stamp and signature. Obtain necessary inspection form. You can ask someone’s opinion who writes a diploma to do, but you can – Create your opinion.

It is important to note a number of conditions:

The review is written in any form is not more than 1.5 pages of printed text. The sample can be taken by the Dean, on the Internet, manual dialing. Everywhere are almost identical.

A review of these cities reflects: the relevance and novelty of work, evaluating its essential rules and implementation of practical value indicates a change in manufacturing defects and comments on the work and recommendations of the signature and stamp.

In general, it demonstrated that it is not so bad! You are very able to write an opinion, if necessary, between them. I sincerely wish you success in all your efforts!

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