October 14, 2016

What are factors which are related to academic success in high school students?

Academic success in high schools requires time management, motivation, prioritization, and concentration. High school students are teenagers who can easily be influenced by peer pressure in involving themselves in meaningless activities that can lead to poor performance in school. Some students perform poorly due to poor attitude towards a teacher, or subject, while some students luck motivation of performing well in academics (Charles, 2009). Therefore, it is the collective responsibility of the parents, guardians, and teachers to help in mentoring and assisting the students in their schoolwork. It is worth noting that most students fail in their academics not because they lack intellectual ability, but because they are lack organization. Several factors are related and are in tandem with academic excellence. This paper will discuss factors that are related to academic success in high school students.


Parents should talk to their children and monitor their schoolwork and progress. This will help in discovering the skills that a child has, which can be natured and developed further. Moreover, parents should invest in their children’s education by buying for them the necessary resources needed in school (Julie, 2002). It is important that parents knows the subjects that their child is interested in and the subjects that he dreads. This will help in helping the child to develop a positive attitude, making them approach schoolwork with enthusiasm. The students should also have good organization skills that will enable them to manage their time well. Homework in an integral part of the educational system that if completed by the students (Cody, 2012). This is because homework adds points to their grades and supplements the normal classwork. Having a positive view of school as a foundation of learning as a lifelong process will motivate the students.

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