April 3, 2017

How to learn English single-handed? Language tips for all novices

In today’s world, it is the desire of many people to learn English naturally. In addition, “he noted, that the language of global communication. His knowledge will allow you to pay an English-speaking country meaningful work, to expand the boundaries of moral satisfaction, communication and language skills and abilities of trust.

In most cases, people who want to learn their own language. The presence of the Internet, a variety of guides, dictionaries, interactive tutorials and online lessons that sleep is very affordable.

However, it is recommended that the initial phase of learning a foreign language to begin a qualified instructor. This is necessary and available qualified explanation of the basics of the language. Grammar and spelling. Now you can contact us and now a qualified teacher is Skype. Include a text of the building will begin self-study is divided into three main categories: regular, systematic and focus on realistic goals.


Regular exercise is necessary to learn English!

Here the main problem is learning simple laziness. If we do not give specific targets and have a positive, learning is almost impossible.

However, taking into account the study of English, at least 30-35 minutes a day, the result will not be long.

Nevertheless, they are waiting for the mega wonder even if these preparations are not necessary, but the result is visible immediately. Learning the language is the basics and knowledge 6-7 years, not a child, at a rate of 170 an hour will not only continue. This is an ongoing study of 7 days or 5 months hours a day. Therefore, it is quite possible for an hour a day for regular sessions to speak and understand English speakers.

Systematic studies

Consistency is learning English, according to a modular vocabulary, grammar and conversation.

Vocabulary for beginners

Lexical set consists of vocabulary, which is a muscle mass for each language. Linguists say that only 500 words in English to write half the built-in account and the average native. In other words, 500 words known only to learn the language of the media. Do this 2-3 times a week to try to use it properly.

Methods of study in the group

With a tendency to perseverance and the adoption of conservative teaching methods, the best option would be to establish a common notebook, be sure to log learned words and determine the line up several lines. In this way, not only to remember the word, but usually their spelling.

Another possibility is a system in which cards are cards on the English and the translation of the word is written back to learning.

The use of modern, such as Lingvo Tutor Duolingo and the Rosetta Stone application technology.

Learn the grammar alone

The grammar for linguists call the “skeleton” of research requires maps, charts and tables. To understand the grammar must use the visualization method.

Go to the home of the intervention and the Internet.

Learn to understand the language heard, using the media, namely television, a number of videos on the Internet to see. Watch the TV programs and TV programs are symmetrical with subtitles reading and auditory perception of language. The shape of the tongue can benefit from specialized services, through which people can communicate with people in English through Skype.

To learn English on your own, you need to focus on results

To do this, you need to understand why the study of language. For example:

  • If you want to improve your skills in this profession is essential to examine the whole matter of words;
  • Read magazines on the subject, newspaper article. Trying to communicate with texts and graphics, you want;
  • Explore a list of words at the airport, a restaurant, a hotel or a museum.

These rules will help you get closer to the target and to learn English on their own. The most important thing is to set a specific goal and believe in the results.

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