April 13, 2017

Literature study and the selection of facts

The research literature on the theme chosen to begin the general work to have an idea of the most important, which with the chosen theme, then look for the new material things.

The study of the scientific literature – a serious work. Therefore, an article or book to read with a pencil in hand, to make a statement.


The study of scientific publications is preferably carried out in several stages:

  • A general introduction to the product as a whole;
  • Verification of all content;
  • The order of reading in matter;
  • Selective read part of the work;
  • Materials based on interest;
  • A critical evaluation of the memory, modify it, and “finish” a piece of text input in the following thesis.

The study of the literature does not have to make an appointment. At the same time, the same information must be taken into consideration. This process must be carried out in all the work on the subject, then his own thoughts that have arisen during the knowledge of the foreign labor force, constitutes a new knowledge base.

By studying the written sources, it is necessary to carefully monitor the registration statements, which the future can easily use. It is possible that some of the information would be unnecessary; Very rarely fully used. Therefore, require selection and careful evaluation.

Only scientific evidence must be collected. Scientific facts – these are the factors that reflect the objective characteristics of things and processes. Scientific facts, including features, such as novelty, accuracy, objectivity and reliability. NEW scientific fact proposes completely new, unknown object, phenomenon or process. This may not be a scientific discovery, but this new information about what we do not yet know.

We must be scientific objectivity in the selection of facts. You cannot rule out the facts aside, just because they are difficult to explain or find a practical application. In fact, the nucleus of the new science is not always clearly visible to the examiner. New scientific knowledge, sometimes quite large, because of their long-term negative importance can be considered as a reserve rather than applied science in practice.

The reliability of scientific evidence largely depends on the reliability of primary energy, its purpose and the nature of the information. Almost certain to have the description of inventions. As academic work, is the reliability of positions should be considered a type and according to where they are science: science and technology, or humanitarian.

Among the sources of a great place to use scientific articles. They can be classified in different ways. Reliability of the position, it is advisable to share research related to engineering sciences (scientific and technical documents), and are related to the humanities, in particular, to the public.

In the field of engineering, mathematics, the natural sciences often deal with objects that are justified, and presents the results of the studies. In addition to information on the progress of research in these articles provides information on test results or their possible application, operational or financial efficiency, etc. These results confirm the originality of the article, its importance Theoretical and practical.

Scientific and technical articles should be addressed, which may include the results of the unfinished research. These results are considered preliminary, and should therefore be subject to careful analysis and evaluation.

The reliability of the source can show not only the quality of the source, but also, a professional scientific author, belongs to one or the other scientific school.

In all cases, you must choose only the most recent information; choose the most authorized sources to determine exactly where to find the materials.

A particular form of the facts are extracted, which are woven organically into the text of the thesis. They are used to transmit without source of the author’s idea of distortion. Quotations can strengthen human rights, making the applicant. In all cases, the number of references must be used optimally, t. The thesis subject is determined by the needs of development.

With a direct quote often, use the original source text. In this case, furthermore, the possibility of distortion of meaning is ignored, so that the narrative must carefully examine the source of origin.

Ways to save a real choice of hardware only a few:

  • Record the results of the experimental studies, various measurements and observations;
  • An excerpt from written sources analyzed the documents. In this case, not necessarily in the following extracts clearly indicate the source of credit that can easily be found when needed.

At the same time, the record of collected material should drive your group; compare the numbers obtained, and so on. The classification allows the shortest and the best way to get the circle of issues of the problem. This makes it easier to find and help establish previously undetected relationships and dependencies. Classification must be made throughout the process of learning the material. It is an integral and essential part of the general procedure for a single scientific evaluation.

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