February 16, 2017

How to prepare yourself for the examination period

First, it is necessary to attend all lectures, at least half of the patients can safely adopt before the session already in the pocket machine. If this is not possible, you should start taking active preparation while studying.

Use every opportunity to practice, play, and learn. Make notes with you and learn somewhere along the way, wait in the queue to see a doctor or cafe. In any case, do not believe that you have not passed the exam or compensated. Tell yourself all the time, as a mantra that you will be able to be intelligent, hardworking and self-confident person.


Try to create a delivery schedule two days of research, the third day of ball material. Create a schedule.

Create a map on one side of the problem on the other occurs – answers. Obtain the correct answers to the questions so that you can remember the correct answer, “the organization”.

Remember to make the most quiet, light, ventilation, clean room. Before the lessons arrange wet cleaning, ventilate the room (also in the winter it is sufficient for 5 minutes).

After 30 minutes of exercise, a five-minute break begins to relieve the window into the distant fatigue from the eyes. Enjoy the cause and the “stars” that make up your arms and legs in different directions, leaving the rest of the body, especially the spine.

Engage in active sports. Change in the pool, fitness, boxing, yoga or dance. The key is to participate regularly in class. It will also often go to the fresh air. The best option for walking foot.

Get enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours, preferably in the time between 10 pm sleep.

Your diet should be a time for the session is particularly rich in vitamins. Add in your diet with walnuts, dried fruits and seeds; Dairy products; Fish; fresh fruits and vegetables; Natural bitter chocolate.

Try to drink “glycine”, this medicine improves mood, simplifies falling asleep and improves mental performance.

Superstitious can provide the following features:

  • Before the test or examination cannot be cut
  • The day before the test, the hair cannot be moved or washed
  • It is the graduation day; ask a friend or girlfriend if you passed the exam “can you hold your hands”
  • When treating it is impossible to get new clothes or clothes that, you will not wear in a long time
  • Shoe under the left heel put a nickel

Even if you did not pass the exam, you can go back at any time. Never dive hands and do not doubt!

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