October 27, 2016

What do schools need to do to prepare students for the 21st Century?

Schools play a great role in equipping students with skills, expertise, knowledge, character and abilities to enable them live in the 21st century.  These skills include reading, oral, writing, calculating, working as a team and thinking critically (Uchida, et al., 1996). Most learning institutions are striving to make the students realize success in their lives to come. However, some of the schools do not focus on real skills needed by the students during the 21st century. Exploring various skills that schools are instilling in students will enable us understand the topic.


Students are often curious about knowing the world around them. Therefore, educators need to develop their creative and problem-solving skills. To achieve these students are taken through practical situations that need them to identify a problem and devise a way of solving the problem with the tools that they have already acquired in class (Wan & Gut, 2011). Educationists should allow students to get multiple solutions to a problem to avoid rigidity of having just one way of solving it.

Teamwork and leading by influence is an important skill needed to tackle life issues in working places, homes and other institutions. In real life, it is not everybody who is born a leader but through vigorous training and allocation of duties students may be outstanding leaders in the society.

Schools also need to prioritize Innovation and entrepreneurial studies. Everyone expects students to contribute positively to their communities. As a result, schools need to teach their students innovative skills to strive well during the 21st century.

Information access and analysis are necessary in the digital world today. Students are exposed to the vast amount of information, but not all this information is useful. As a result, these schools need to teach their students analytical skills in information use. Learners should only be encouraged to surf for information from millions of websites and web pages but having in mind that not all this information will be helpful (Withrow et al., 1999).

Schools equipping students with all these skills are indeed performing well in terms of academics. On the other hand, schools with little or no focus on teaching students towards success in the 21st century are finding it difficult to survive in this world of competition. As a result, all schools need to move at the same pace of preparing students for the 21st century.

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