October 10, 2016

Why Some Students Study Abroad

For a majority of students who decide to study abroad, quality of education usually plays a role as a significant determinant. Quality of education varies from country to country. This prompts some to leave their countries where they deem quality levels to be low and proceed to other countries where they can undergo effective learning worth the resources used. For instance, many students in the developing world prefer studying in the universities in the developed world because of quality that comes with availability of requisite learning resources, proper research opportunities and enhanced instructional methods. Other students study abroad because of scholarship grants that require them to go and study in specific universities. Many people rely on scholarships to finance their education. In such situations, the beneficiaries have to comply with the requirements stipulated by those granting such opportunities. This has seen many students move around the world to go to other countries upon accepting the terms and conditions of the scholarships.


Some students seek to become global citizens in the modern day’s interconnected world. Through this, they are able to enhance their multicultural view of the world. Further, they develop new perspectives and are capable of analyzing issues on a global level. Therefore, they decide to study abroad where they can make new contacts and meet people from diverse ethnic, racial, economic, political and cultural backgrounds. For instance, the American universities are usually home to students from across the globe. Those who study in universities like Harvard or Stanford have enhanced opportunity to intermingle with others from diverse backgrounds. Relative to this, others get new opportunities to learn other languages and are able to adapt and understand other people’s way of life. They improve their proficiency and experience personal growth. This goes a long way in helping those who want to work as expats or those who want to contribute in making the world a better place through global leadership initiatives.

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