March 6, 2017

How to write a review of the report

The review is an analysis of the text, the pros and cons and conclusions.


Must successfully write a comment:

  1. Be the text summary.
  2. Les identify the main issues discussed in the report text. To determine whether a substance is open.
  3. Select idea of the report and determine their practical significance for science and knowledge.
  4. Ask a logical combination of key provisions in the report.
  5. To determine the importance of the relationship practical significance.
  6. Take a definitive message subject; it is important to study the issue, the original settlement, the validity of the results.

It is to write a plan, stick to what you can write a good text. The first step is to determine the importance of the subject analysis. Thereafter, the main thesis a summary of the report and a comprehensive evaluation. Consider what was wrong, and not to harm correct deficiencies, the report’s author. Finally, the completion of operation.

It should be clear that an assessment in accordance with the ethical standards to be written. Even before you start writing, you should examine the report and note the order of presentation material, logical connection. Read the report, you can save notes, which appear in the newspaper, it loses something in the end. Check all names of authors used data. In any case, positive and friendly check carried out. Absolute lack of respect can demonstrate an accountant when you try to impose the views or use a personal dislike of her relationship with respect. If sensor must work with the applicant of its decision and provide a written exam.

So if you write a resume, it is not necessary to repeat the contents of the report, it will reduce its value. Overview of the project should be carried out in accordance with requirements. It should include the title and author’s name. The content of the problems affecting compound. For example, this can be explained as follows: “Ivanov report analyzing the financial position of a company dedicated” In addition, enjoy this moment. For example: “The significance of this report is undoubtedly time to assess the economic situation and identify weaknesses in the company, it is possible to take concrete measures in good time to avoid bankruptcy.” Moreover, to identify the key points that were presented in the beginning. For example: ¬ęCalculation of large parts of the main parameters of financial stability and solvency, it is important that you must write A. Ivanov loan to stabilize the situation.”

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